Andy Mamedoff

I uncovered an interesting story today about Andrew Mamedoff. Andy was the son of a White Russian  Lev Mamedoff and Natasha Vonsiatsky (I'm thinking I need to learn to make that drink for our tavern) who was forced to flee Russia in the 1920's after the Russian Revolution. Natasha and Lev were the founders of The Russian Bear and they raised their son Andrew in our house!

Author Alex Kershaw wrote a book entitled "The Few" about the lives of seven American pilots who violated US Neutrality laws, risking imprisonment and losing their American citizenship to become part of an elite group of RAF fighter pilots who saved Britain during WWII during the Battle of Britain! Much of the book "The Few" speaks about Andy, one of the "knights of the air". Andy unfortunately died in 1941 while flying on a mission in his plane. You can read more about him

In 2012, Kershaw toured our home with Linda and Frank, the former owners. I'm thrilled to be part of the history of this house with such "movers and shakers" and so much historical intrigue!

Andy at his wedding - first to take a war bride!

He's even got a figuring made of him!!!


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